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One of Rescuing Lives' goals is to provide Widow's and Women at Risk of human trafficking a trained skill to provide for themselves and their children.  As well as, provide the upfront resources they will need.  It is our desire that they become self-sufficient and a functioning part of their community.  Please take the time to view the full story on our Widow's Ministry page. (link the page here.)
Rescuing Lives provides a Sewing Micro-Enterprise course in India for Widow's and Women at Risk. This course provides women, whom are the most vulnerable members of society in the developing world, with vocational training in tailoring and home based business skills. Upon graduation, each student receives a sewing machine and may become a self-employed seamstress. As a result of this course, the sense of self dignity and their role in the community these women once held is restored.

You can donate towards the purchase of as many sewing machines as you would like, or you can choose the amount that you would like to contribute towards the purchase of an individual sewing machine, for example $25, $50, $75, $100 etc.

Please click on the video to hear an inspirational story from one of the Mission Team members that traveled to India earlier this year and encountered first hand the success this project is having.

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$150 Sewing Machine~includes table and chair
$200 Course~sewing machine, materials for course & small business

$350 Full Course~sewing machine, materials for course & small business, instructor’s fee, daily meal.

When making a donation please write checks payable to Rescuing Lives and mail to:

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Thank you for your gift, you are making a difference!

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