As we try to meet the needs of people in the villages in the remote parts of India, it is apparent that there is an endless sea of opportunities.  Besides work with widows, orphans, and schools, we have another opportunity to come beside people, help build a quality of life, offer sustainable work and wages, and share hope with them.

Rescuing LivesHere is where we would like to help these communities.  We would like to find investors like you to help fund a micro financing initiative to provide seed for the villages that will produce a harvest in more ways than one--physically and spiritually.

Local contacts are not just looking to build the community up but to build stronger relationships.  They are counting on this investment allowing them to strong relationships with members of these communities and be a positive presence in their lives.

Our goal is to impact the small, tribal villages in rural Indian where villages consist of roughly 30-50 families.  To impact a whole village it would cost between $6,000-$10,000.  Each dollar will go to loaning seeds that will provide a family with a living wage, and our local aid workers have a better opportunity to work with an encourage positive growth within the village.

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