One milking cow can help rescue 50 orphans. Everyday it will produce 10 liters of milk.  The milk provides nourishment for the orphans and is also sold through a local dairy market.  An orphanage with 50 children can be completely sustainable with only 36 cows. Each Murrah Buffalo Cow cost $1,000, due to the transportation cost of getting them from Northern to Southern India.  A Dairy Cow cost $750.

Would you be willing to help purchase a cow to make sure 50 kids are guaranteed a future? 

Murrah Buffalo Cow

$1,000 for a Murrah Buffalo Milking Cow

Dairy Cow

  $750 for a Dairy Cow 

These cows truly can change the lives of the orphans. It will mean that the orphans are guaranteed food, shelter, and clothes every month. Also, the staff will be able to get paid monthly to insure they can provide for their families and care for these kids. These cows allow us to raise the standard of living by allowing us to be able to make facility upgrades such as beds and contribute to other self sustaining efforts. Overall, these cows help us to operate out of a place of strength and not desperation as we seek to provide for the children already living in the orphanages. Operating from a place of strength also allows us to bring more children to the orphanage and save even more lives in the future.

We want to thank you for supporting our efforts!

Together, we can do more for the Kingdom of God here on earth and raise up a generation of children that will know and love the Lord.

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Rescuing Lives
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Rogers, AR 72757-2976
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Rescuing Lives
P.O. Box 2976
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