We became aware of the need for a facility to rescue and house babies that are unwanted, discarded, abandoned, or orphaned due to tragic circumstances. Rescuing Lives has access to a multi-level building to house and care for the babies that come into the care of the locally supported ministries in India. The facility takes in newborn babies up through pre-school age toddlers. We also assist young mothers with newborn babies who are sick, abandoned, or in extreme poverty and unable to support themselves well enough to feed their babies. For these young mothers, we also offer training in a trade that they can work in to be able to support themselves and their babies. You can read more about the assistance offered to them on the Widows and Women at Risk page.

Since the facility’s opening and approval by the local government, Rescuing Lives has helped provide the funding and resources needed to provide care for many babies as well as toddlers. Many of the children received at the facility are malnourished and sick, and require a special diet, and medical attention. We are helping to provide the needed funds for caregivers, housing, nutrition, and medical attention for each of the children for $350 per month. Rescuing Lives would like to ask you to partner with us and help in providing care for these precious babies who are rescued from a life of abandonment.

Please give to help rescue these babies that are yet to have a voice for themselves to express their pain or their joy — babies and toddlers that have only known abandonment, hunger, and rejection. Through the support of individuals just like yourself, we have been able to help provide care for numerous babies and toddlers and restore joy and laughter back to them through care, nutrition, and medical attention.

Thank you!


Rescuing Lives
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