Since the earliest days of Rescuing Lives, we have combated hunger in different forms over the years. We have invested in seeds for the farmers in the local community. We have also purchased milking cows for farmers to care for in the community. Who in turn provided milk back to the orphans and babies at Rescuing Lives.

At the beginning of COVID-19, the entire nation of India was shut down due to the pandemic. We came to the harsh realization of how scarce the availability of food was in the villages. Many of the elderly, widowed, and orphaned had little to no access to food and clean water. Throughout the year we worked very hard to provide food, clean water, and medical care for those most vulnerable to starvation. As a result of that, we became strongly aware of the amount of elderly people who have been suffering for many years living in huts and sleeping on mats or makeshift cots with barely any food or water to sustain them.

When we saw how difficult it was to get access to food during the pandemic, we realized it would be wise to start our own farming and feeding program in-house.

Since then, we have renovated some of the land to grow rice and various kinds of fruit trees.

Along with starting the farming program, Rescuing Lives developed a cooking and feeding program where we train many of the poor, widows, and women at risk in culinary skills. They are educated in prepping food, using various kitchen appliances, cleaning, organizing, and serving the food they have learned to cook. The food is packaged into lunchboxes and carried out to the elderly, widows, and orphans. When necessary, food is also prepared and served in an assembly line.


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