Soccer - Badmitten - Cricket

The India-International Sports Program

Many tools are used to reach the youth throughout the world. Just as child sponsorships and shoeboxes packed with toys is used to bless children, sports is also used as a tool to draw kids in to help meet their need of belonging. Many young people that we reach are fortunate to have caring families and a roof over their heads, but they are still susceptible to the poverty-stricken conditions and the environment of the streets surrounding them. Through sports programs, we can provide a focus for them to avoid such conditions. We can create a sense of belonging through team membership, focus, and competition to be their best. Young people will also be rescued from lives of substance abuse and violence through this program.

The sports programs we use to reach the young people of India are soccer, badminton, and cricket. Badminton and cricket tournaments are held seasonally in India and are a great way to provide confidence, group participation, and trophies to youth and young adults.

Your donation to Rescuing Lives helps provide athletic equipment, facility rental for competitions, host events, advertisements, awards, shoes, and clothing for participants who can not afford to participate.


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