The Slum School is located in the Red Light District and provides and education for children that are born to parents who are prostitutes, pimps, and thieves. These children have no hope of getting out of this lifestyle or breaking the cycle unless we help them and provide a way out. Through the Slum School, they provide food, uniform clothes, teachers, elementary caretakers, and education. Through education, they at least have a chance to escape the life they were born into to a future where they can provide for themselves through their education.

Most children who attend the Slum School come from very broken homes since the parents work primarily in the Red Light district. Without an education most of the children, their only option is to repeat the cycle.¬† The Slum School is located in the middle of Vizak city in a small slum area. Each year we are helping to rescue up to 500 children through education — by providing a place to go to daily for education and an opportunity for a better and brighter future.

To provide an education and an opportunity for a better life for these children, we will continue our efforts to raise the funds needed to help pay the $12,000 per month to keep the school running. Please consider committing to support Rescuing Lives on a monthly or one-time basis and help provide the education these children so desperately need.

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