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Widows and Women at Risk Rescue Project

Rescuing Lives rescues widows, women at risk of trafficking, severe poverty and homelessness. Through our Widow’s Project ministry, we are able to offer them hope for a future through education and training in our Sewing Micro-Enterprise and Business Training School.

Widow’s and Women at Risk with Children

Some of the widows have children; of which, become at greater risk of being homeless, living in severe poverty in the slums or streets, or trafficking. The Widow’s Project is focused on rescuing these widows from near death situations and severe poverty and educating and empowering them with skills that they can use to survive and provide for themselves and their children. As they attend the school, we are able to also house and care for their children until they are able to get an education and begin providing for them. Women with children are also often times cast out from their families and communities because of the additional burden that comes along with the loss of a father or husband to provide.

Young Widows

Many of the widows are surprisingly very young and have barely begun their adult lives by the time they have become widowed. Often times these young women feel that they have no way out except thru death. Rescuing Lives wants to offer hope to these women by providing a way for them to gain an education and trade in the sewing industry so they can honorably support themselves. When we partner together and provide a way for the widows to have a better life and future, their hearts are softened and opened up to receiving and learning.


Please take the time to click on the video below to see what your donation will provide for a Woman at Risk.

Widow's Ministry

It only cost $500 to rescue one widow or woman at risk of trafficking! Your donation provides for her education & training, business training, and a sewing machine that she gets to keep upon graduating the Sewing Micro-enterprise course.

We offer several donation options below that you can choose from. You can donate by debit card or credit card as a one-time donation or as a recurring donation through the links on this page.

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Thank you for your donation for the Widows and Women at Risk Rescue Project!

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